Preventive maintenance (scheduled calls) means the regular inspecting and cleaning of equipment to keep your equipment in good working condition. Our trained qualified call takers and technicians will make this as easy for you as possible. They will coordinate your visit with your schedule, and leave your home just as they found it, or cleaner.

Customers who are AA members (purchased an Aloha Air Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement) can expect:

Easy Scheduling – When it’s time for an equipment check (PM Service or schedule call), our personal Call Takers will contact you to set up the scheduled call appointment.

Priority Status – All repair calls or emergency calls that are (non-schedule calls) will receive priority over other calls.

Peace of Mind (Safety and Health) – Our technicians check every part of your HVAC System, including carbon monoxide emissions.

Reduced Allergies – Clean filters mean less pollutants in the air.

Better Performance – Equipment Tuned-up for best performance and comfort.

Energy Savings – Regular maintenance will keep your equipment running at a lower cost, saving you energy.

Correction of Developing Problems – Our technicians can spot emerging problems, preventing equipment failures

Lower Life Cycle Costs – Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and emergency repair cost with fewer disruptions.

Increased Life Expectancy for Your Unit – Proper Preventive Maintenance means your equipment will last longer.

Specialized Personnel – Our service technicians receive constant up to datesupport and training in the maintenance of your equipment.

State of the Art Testing – We use the most up to date equipment in the industry to test and service your equipment.


Please contact one of our Call Takers for more information or becoming an AA member.